2019 Act to Inspire Gala

By Trinity Community Center (other events)

Wednesday, September 25 2019 6:00 PM 9:00 PM

Trinity Community Center’s Act to Inspire Gala is a fundraising event, focusing on raising public awareness, large corporate investments, and individual donations to support TCC. Hosted by a diverse group of corporate sponsors, local businesses and individual donors, the Act to Inspire Gala celebrates and supports TCC’s mission to serve as the Hollygrove neighborhood’s premier institution for transforming youth through educational support, mentorship, and spiritual development.

For over 50 years, TCC has provided opportunity and hope to the youth of New Orleans. Emerging from the streets of the Irish Channel in the late 1960’s, TCC took shape with a community center on Erato Street called the Upper Room. It functioned as a “drop-in” center with activities for youth, day camps, a leadership training institute, counseling office, and network for responding to the needs of the poor. Since 1998, TCC operates from its facility within the Hollygrove neighborhood to ensure success is within reach of every young person who enters its doors. This commitment and service from within the community empowers each student to meet his or her true potential.

Corporations, community groups, and individuals are invited to support this fundraising event with the purchase of sponsorship packages ranging from $25,000 to $750. Individual tickets are available for $100 in advance and $125 at the door. 

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 13665 New Orleans, LA 70185